Impressive ladies!!!

24 years later, three of us have transitioned to part time service, one still serving full time.

I couldn’t be more proud of these impressive ladies, and thankful that I was able to be with two them in Halifax for each of their respective last day in the Regular Force. They are each power houses and highly respected officers, and rightfully so. I’m immensely proud of their achievements, and even more proud to call them friends. 

Center is Lieutenant Colonel Eleanor Taylor, a proud Infantry Officer of the Royal Canadian Regiment. She commanded a rifle company in Afghanistan, and has recently been announced as an Officer of the Order of Military Merit. Her accomplishments are so impressive. She’s also my third cousin 🙂

On the right is Commander Nancy Setchell, a stellar Naval Warfare Officer. She just finished a successful command of HMCS Charlottetown, and she did so in a way that only Nancy could do. The navy is a foreign element to me, but to see how loved and respected she is by superiors, peers and subordinates alike speaks to her incredible leadership and competency.

It’s unfortunate that Lieutenant Colonel Ellie Haevens could not have been with us to really complete the package, so I did a very terrible job of photoshopping her in! We were a foursome at the Royal Military College way back when, meeting each other in 1995. Ellie is a logistics officer and is currently posted to the Netherlands so couldn’t make it back. Yet another impressive lady who has had some significant success in her career. And just for shits and giggles, here are the four of us clowning around way back when!

1st Year, Royal Military College of Canada, 1995-96

So for all the naysayers out there, who may still question the value of women in the military, these three ladies show you just how wrong you are. They are competence personified, have earned their ranks and positions, and have commanded and served in an honorable manner that is beyond question. I am grateful to have them in my life, and pretty damn proud of them!

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